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We know that every student has a great future ahead of them, and though each of our students has a unique past, story, and struggles, we also know that all of them can succeed.

Ready to enroll? Here’s what you can expect as part of the enrollment process:

If you're in grade 9 or higher and age 14-21, start by completing an enrollment form below, or contact us at (616) 794-6329.

An enrollment specialist will reach out to you and help you through our enrollment process. We’ll set up a convenient time for you to stop by your nearest center for an enrollment appointment. At this time, you’ll need:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Guardianship if the student is under 18 and the guardian is not listed on their birth certificate.

  • Proof of Michigan Residency (Driver's License, utility bill (not cable or cell phone), voter registration, rent/lease/mortgage receipt or property tax bill.

  • Transcripts from the last school attended.

  • Any IEP or 504 Behavioral Plans from the last school they attended.

  • Immunization records, if available.

Once we receive your paperwork, we will get you officially enrolled. We will provide the use of a laptop and internet access and walk you through how to access your coursework and get help from your teachers when you need it. 


Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan is a tuition-free virtual public school, with access to local in-person center support. We provide students with a practical alternative to the traditional public-school environment and a personalized learning plan that’s tailored to their specific goals, schedule, and academic needs.

Our teachers are highly qualified, certified professionals and we ensure that courses meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum required so students can graduate with a high school diploma. Additional electives offered mean students can gain real-life experience to prepare them for what’s next.

Learning isn’t confined to the standard curriculum, either. We’ve cultivated partnerships with local businesses so that our students can participate in internships and mentorships to gain skills that will help them beyond the classroom.

Have questions? Ready to enroll? Students aged 14-21 who are entering grade 9 or higher can begin the enrollment process online using the form below.



Begin the enrollment process by providing important information about the student you wish to enroll at Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan. Once we've received your completed form, an enrollment specialist will reach out to you and help you through our enrollment process. 

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