Switching to a virtual education could be the best choice you make for your future. At Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, we embrace the idea that our students follow their own path, thrive on their own schedule, and shine with one-on-one support. Before now, that path might have gone backwards, forwards, and maybe even a little sideways. But today is a new day, and we’re committed to helping you find the path that works for you.

Graduation is on the horizon.
Get on your way. 

Let Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan help you get to where you want to be. Whether you take small steps or big leaps, we’re excited for every move forward. 

We believe in your future.

Ready to enroll? If you're in grade 9 or higher and age 14-21, here’s what you'll need to begin the enrollment process:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Guardianship if the student is under 18 and the guardian is not listed on their birth certificate.

  • Proof of Michigan Residency (Driver's License, utility bill (not cable or cell phone), voter registration, rent/lease/mortgage receipt or property tax bill.

  • Transcripts from the last school attended.

  • Any IEP or 504 Behavioral Plans from the last school they attended.

  • Immunization records, if available.