Traditional public schooling isn't for everyone. No matter what your path to graduation looked like before this, today is a new day. We’re here to help you get to where you want to be.

You've found your way.

Virtual education at Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan is a practical, effective alternative to the traditional public school environment. We embrace that each student is an individual with their own past, interests, obstacles, and aspirations. That’s why our approach creates personalized learning plans tailored to each student’s specific goals, schedule, and academic needs to create a balance of school and real-life responsibilities. 

At Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, you’ll graduate with more than just your high school requirements. You’ll leave with skills you can apply in the real world and career training that can give you a step up after graduation -- and you’ll have accomplished it all in an environment suited to your needs and interests.

What can I expect when I start?

You’ll receive: 

  • Free use of a laptop

  • Internet service

  • One-on-one teacher student access

  • Online classes

What will be expected of me?

At Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, we value the individuality of every student. No two students are the same, and no matter what brought you here or what your past looks like, we’re committed to your future. We believe you can find your way here.

Each student has a personalized plan that is uniquely suited to their goals. We’re here to support you with the tools you need to be successful, like regular online check-ins -- but we need you to do the work. We hold our students accountable for their own success, and expect them to be engaged, work hard, and stay on top of their studies. 

With that said, if your situation changes or you become overwhelmed, reach out to us. We understand that life gets complicated, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Success isn’t just in our name. We’re completely dedicated to seeing you succeed, and won’t give up on you.

Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan students are expected to:

  • Complete one course at a time. This helps you stay engaged in the subject so you complete your work successfully. 

  • Finish a course in 3 weeks. This means making 34% progress in class every week, or making 7% progress every day if you log in 5 days per week.

  • Check in with your teacher twice a week. Engaging in regular, two-way communication is key to your success.

What past and current students have to say:

Students strongly believed they would graduate high school


Believed finishing school would make a big difference in their lives


Believed they could succeed at
Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michign


Strongly believed that they had a better chance of succeeding here than if they were at a different school


Indicated that teachers cared about them, believed in them, worked hard to make sure they didn’t drop out, and provided the help they needed 

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