Sometimes, traditional public schooling doesn’t work for your child. At Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, we know that doesn’t have to be a barrier to success for students entering grade 9 or higher (ages 14-21).

Your child is going places.
Help them find their way.

For some students, sitting in a classroom all day simply doesn’t work. We’re here to help your child find what does work. 

Virtual education at Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan is a practical, effective alternative to the traditional public school environment. We embrace that each student is an individual with their own past, interests, obstacles, and aspirations. That’s why our approach creates a personalized learning plan for each child that’s tailored to their specific goals, schedule, and academic needs. 

Your child may have a part-time job, medical or behavioral challenges, time-consuming hobbies, or other responsibilities that conflict with a traditional learning environment. An education at  Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan means your child can create their balance of school and real-life responsibilities. 

Our teachers are compassionate, highly-qualified professionals committed to each student’s success. They have high expectations, and the understanding that life gets complicated. We want nothing more than to see our students succeed and reach their full potential, and that means keeping them motivated, prioritizing their wellbeing, and offering a strong support system.

Learning isn’t confined to the standard curriculum, either. We’ve cultivated partnerships with local businesses so that our students can participate in internships and mentorships to gain skills that will help them beyond the classroom.

Focused curriculum

Although each student will receive a personalized plan to succeed, we ensure that courses have the Michigan Merit Curriculum required so students can graduate with a high school diploma. Additional electives offered mean students can gain real-life experience to prepare them for what’s next.

Special education

No matter what your child’s needs are, we offer both special education teachers and social workers that offer additional support along your child’s path to success.

Get started

Have questions? Ready to enroll? Students age 14-21 who are entering grade 9 or higher can begin the enrollment process online using the link below.