We are excited to be able to offer two options for students to earn free high school and college credits while attending Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan through our dual enrollment partnership with Kendall College of Art & Design (KCAD). Dual enrollment allows high school students to take tuition-waived or reduced college courses while still in high school. Courses count both as high school and college credits!


We have partnered with KCAD to offer two foundational courses to in-demand careers: 3D and Drawing. These courses are free and completely online. Qualifying for these courses is easy and can be completed in minutes. If you like art, drawing, and creating real products, or have an interest in game design or sound engineering, these courses could begin developing foundational knowledge for your career goals.

If you are already enrolled at Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, contact your center director to begin the dual enrollment process.


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Hurry! Enrollment begins in May. Courses begin in Fall of 2021.


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Intro to Digital 3D 
Learn how to create the amazing 3D digital objects used in multimedia design and entertainment art, such as web designs, motion designs, videos and games! Students will model, texture, light and set up camera animation on fantasy game inventory and buildings for interactive maps. 

Drawing: Learn 

Do you love to draw and want to take your skills to the next level? In this introductory course, you'll receive in-depth instruction from a professional working artist on how to sketch quickly and accurately, how to draw from observation, and how to elevate the detail of your work with fundamental perspective principles and the use of value, light, and shadow.