We are excited to be able to offer two new options for students to earn free high school and college credits while attending Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan through our dual enrollment partnership with Kendall College of Art & Design (KCAD). Dual enrollment allows high school students to take tuition-waived or reduced college courses while still in high school. Courses count both as high school and college credits!

Earn college credits while earning your high school diploma

We have partnered with KCAD to offer foundational courses in two in-demand careers: character design and sound engineering. Both of these courses are free and completely online. Qualifying for these courses is easy and can be completed in minutes. If you like art, drawing, and creating real products, or have an interest in game design or sound engineering, these courses could begin developing foundational knowledge for your career goals.

If you are already enrolled at Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, contact your center director to begin the dual enrollment process.


Not yet enrolled in Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan? Contact us to get the enrollment process started.

Hurry! These courses begin January 2021!


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